In this era of modernization and automation, there are ample of opportunities prevailing of making money in a developing country like India. Also, there has been a whopping rise in the number of startups. With the outburst of startups ways to earn, from of the main business and also earning apart from that of the main business/or job has increased.

Earn Money: Guide for beginners

One of the most astonishing ways encountered by a few neophytes abroad to make a penny out of nowhere one was to commence surfing on Bing; the reason being Bing pays you for your search. There are also a few sites that pay just to listen to the radio, read advertiser’s emails and taking surveys; Inbox Dollars is one such company that pays you $5 just for signing up and thereafter, they might pay you up to $120 just to listen to their radio station online. In India, during leisure time if one is writing articles online on a specified subject spending just about 5 to 10 hours a week, then that individual can get paid as per the specifications.

Hobby: A simple way to earn is teaching what one likes; in a given area of one owns’ expertise, spending around 2 to 5 hours on weekends can also yield money, be it simple dance moves or be it to conduct training classes for undergraduate students. Selling own photos online can also be one of the mediums of getting money; all one need to do is sell own pictures and earn royalty up to 75% based on the quality of pictures and size of the online portfolio.

‘E-Tutoring’: E-Tutoring option has also been on a rampage for extracting money wherein, one needs to decide in which subject that individual has a fluency and commence teaching as an online tutor in the subject the individual feels he is comfortable and fluent. Tutorvista.com is one such site that provides this facility. Also, if someone is capable of innovating stuff and is full of entrepreneurial skills, then the individual could publish his own books encapsulating different and out of the box business ideas.

Freelancing: Freelancing has also been one of the most preferred methods to go with for getting bucks wherein the professionals who are an expert in their respective trades and are apt with ensuring customer satisfaction, can move forward with such projects. They offer bids or proposals, from which the buyers can choose what they like as per the suitability and freelancers can yield money in turn.

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Some of the latest ways to earn money

  • A fairly new term taking charge in the market is the GPT Programme, which is nothing but the Get-paid-to sites which pays just for signing up for free websites, playing games and filling out online surveys. This option doesn’t require any skills or process whatsoever!.
  • Setting up of call centers at one’s house could also be one of the methods of seeking penny. All an individual needs to do is to search for such outsourcing companies who want to set up such call centers and are facing space constraints, hence one can set it up in  one’s house too.
  • Another lucrative method of extracting money during free time is buying and selling of domains wherein one just needs to buy domains at a very cheap rate during registration times and then trade them for substantial profits.

Closing thoughts: With the above – encompassed ways and options of earning money out of nowhere, an individual even without any expertise could succeed during free time and could earn thousands of bucks with little most efforts which itself sounds so attractive and fascinating.