If you are in the final year of college, you have approached that time of the year, where the pressure in the campus is insane. Bagging the best package is what every student aims for. Every day, you will hear someone celebrating and someone who is prepared to wear the same formals again and face another company. Here are some of the tips that will help you sail the placement season easier.

  • Be Patient: You will be under extreme pressure to jump in and say a yes to any profile or package that is offered to you. Do not fall prey to peer pressure. Review and understand the profile that will suit you the most. For example: In desperation, Don’t take up a sales job if you have studied finance as a major. Many students sign contracts with their employers to work with a static salary for two or three years. Trust me, you do not need those jobs. We are not bonded labor, everyone has a free will.

  • Work on your basics: Before entering the interview room, you should at least be clear on the basics of your elective subjects. I suggest you to spend a total of 100 hours to the basic. If you are good with the basics, there is no way you will be rejected. I understand that even if you know things when you enter the placement room your hand freeze and you are nervous. Something I personally follow is count 10 to 1 backwards and shout out I am the best before entering the room (works in my case).

    Also, my personal experience says that don’t beat around the bush. Make your answers are crisp. Answer to the question asked, do not tell stories. Rehearse the interviews in front of a mirror. The most important point I think is that you need to drive the interview, rather than letting the Panel drive it.

  • P.C. webpt.com
    fee and your salary

    A Salary that justifies your fees: If you are an MBA and the CTC that you accept is ₹ 4.5 lakhs per annum. I think you will end up asking money from your parents in the long run. If you have made an investment of approx ₹ 15 lakh towards your fee, you need to bag a salary that justifies it. Remember, you have to repay your education loan, make investments for the future and own assets.

    With 4.5 lakh you will not be able to save much nor will you be able to get out of debt soon. You will always be surrounded by the chakra of debt. First, the chakra of clearing the education loan, then you will have the vehicle loan followed by house loan and God save you if you get married and have a kid. Think wisely and make the smart move. Follow rule number one Be patient and pick the right company. know….. how much of your salary should you save?

  • CTC Trap: There may be times when your CTC states ₹ 8 lakh but what matters to you is your take home. Generally, companies add your bonus, training expense, subsidized meal, insurance, rent of office space in your salary component. Hence, you in hand, take home salary is approximately 75% of your CTC. Make sure you understand that well and then plan your expenditures.

  • Don't settle for peanuts
    Don’t settle for peanuts

    Negotiate: Do negotiate your salary. Do not be of the thought that you are a fresher and, if you don’t accept the offer someone else will. The company has chosen you because you were the best out of the lot. Many a times when you are appearing for the interview you will get a vibe that you have been shortlisted, or you could make it. Negotiate your salary because a few thousand can mean a lot to you in the future. Start by saying that you are excited about the job and the offer made, but, you expected a little more (state your reasons). The negotiations can also be in terms of perks, holidays, allowance, etc. The most crucial thing is that you need to be gracious, even if you are rejecting the offer do it with dignity and choose the right words.

    I hope that these simple rules, will help you in your placement season and you will pick the right suit for yourself. Be wise and take the smart move.