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Friday, May 20, 2022

Where can you meet people with money, people who want money and money itself?

In Financial Markets! Every second, every minute, somebody is getting richer by hundreds, thousands, lakhs and crores. By the time you blink you eyes, numbers have changed. That’s how fast money multiplies. In a pool of confusion and chaos, it can be tough to catch the right fish, at the right time. We’ll tell you, some people are so rich, that, all they have is money. These are the kind of people who can be easily robbed by the tide of stock movements. Besides money, it needs patience, time, knowledge and most important experience.

The financial market works on cycles, patterns and depends on a lot of factors. Over the years, we have been carefully watching the trends and analysed the behaviour of various stocks under various circumstances. This has made us confident with the market and now we are ready to help others with our experience. We guide, our clients through various ups and downs in the market.

Our line of services extends to the following:


Our team has a working experience of more than 20 years in Indian equities and has emerged successfully through all the lows and highs of Indian equity markets. We offer to trade in both major stock exchanges – National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

We assist our customers in making informed decisions through sound fundamental research of the companies. We also facilitate our customers in trading in both index and stocks‑based futures and options (F&O) through derivative strategies such as Bull-Bear Spread, Futures-Options spread, Strangle/Straddle, etc., and recommend putting stop-loss and profit levels while trading in them.

As you associate with us, PaisaMatters will work tirelessly with you in creating wealth for your present and future needs.


Currency Trading is recently launched in India which has enabled traders and business takes appropriate to call on Indian rupee movement vis-a-vis foreign currencies such as US dollar, pound, euro, and yen. Within a short span of time, the currency trading platform has become popular among market participants with trading turnovers of about 25,000 crore rupees every day.

We, offer you a currency derivatives trading platform .The trading account can be opened without any charges and facilitates you to trade in both popular currency exchanges – NSE and MCX-SX. The margin requirement for currency derivatives is usually very low compared to equity markets, and hence, you can take an appropriate call in any of the currency pairs by paying a nominal margin.

A currency trading account is ideal for businesses that have interests abroad and pay/receive funds in foreign currency. Any adverse movement in foreign currency can bring down their profit margins, and hence, this platform enables them to protect their foreign currency risks by taking appropriate positions in this platform. The platform is also good for those who have plans to go abroad for travel and can use this platform to book their currency conversion price well in advance.

We have the expertise to guide you to hedge your foreign currency risks. We also keep you abreast with important policy announcements that can have an impact on the Indian rupee and, hence, enable you to prepare well for the same.


We also facilitate you with commodities trading. We share various research and technical reports with you to help you make correct trading decisions. We can also help you design a hedging model to protect you from price volatility if you are planning to buy/sell in the near future.

We offer you commodities trading in both major commodity exchanges – Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) and National Commodities & Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX) through Sharekhan – India’s leading commodities brokerage firm. Also, we facilitate trading in all kinds of commodities including precious metals such as gold and silver; base metals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel; agriculture commodities such as potato, soya bean, cotton, chana, etc.

Please Note: Our brokerage charges are very competitive, and we do not charge anything extra for any of the services that we offer to our customers. For opening a commodities trading account, currency trading account and equity trading account with us, do contact us.

If you are thinking of changing your financial position from good to great, if you are thinking of expanding your company, merging with some other company or acquire some other company, then you will need money. If you are nervous about how to build further capital or raise money for increasing efficiency of your operations, look no further. We do corporate financing!

Running a company requires carefully crafted financial structure. The main aim is to create more wealth for shareholders, who invest all their hopes in the company, in return for profitable rewards over a long period of time. Finance is the backbone of a company, as it provides flexibility to implement various strategies, during the time of stiff competition.

We at PaisaMatters advise our clients on financial transactions including mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs and separation, joint ventures, capital investments and project finance. We have worked on 10+ transactions in the last year for both buy-side and sell-side clients headquartered in the UK, Europe and the US across multiple industry verticals including technology, Internet/e-commerce, healthcare and retail. Our specific areas of expertise include business case evaluation, financial valuation, management due-diligence and capital structure. We also advise private investors on finding suitable investment opportunities for their capital and are increasingly advising their clients on sourcing capital from seed investors, angel investors and venture capitalists.

The bad news is, nothing last’s forever…

Life is full of surprises but, sometimes these surprises can be bad and life changing.

But the good news is nothing lasts forever…not even bad days.

It is always best to be prepared to tackle bad days. Insurance helps you by providing you cover for future mishappenings. We cannot control how life unfolds itself. But, we can to a certain extent reduce deviations. It is therefore very important to have an insurance policy that will cover you from unseen losses in the future.

There are more than 50 insurance companies selling various insurance policies. If you take out time to go through each and every one of them, you will end up being confused. At PaisaMatters, we help you choose the right insurance cover. We deal with life insurance, general insurance, individual insurance, corporate insurance, public insurers, and private insurers.

Here is how we work – we take quotations from all the insurance companies. We then go through all your needs and determine your insurance requirement. Once we figure out what is that, which you really need, We personalize the quotes. That too FREE OF COST!!!

For more reference, here is the service which we provide, dealing in insurance:

  • Understand and evaluate individual Insurance needs
  • Design a comprehensive Insurance Plan
  • Find the best available policies in the market
  • Negotiate with different insurance companies for the best rates
  • Provide Complete Claim Support
  • Review policies on a timely basis

Here is how you will benefit from your experience with us:

Claims Settlement:

If you are going to opt for a policy via PaisaMatters, your claim settlement is our responsibility. We have a dedicated team that deals with claim settlement.


Did you know:

You can reduce your insurance premium drastically during renewal.
You might get a better policy with more coverage.
You can change your insurance company/agent if you are not satisfied with them.
Get benefited by our team of experts as they bring you a simple and convenient process of renewing insurance – individual, for the family and for the company. Contact us today for competitive quotations from any insurance company in India.

How tough can life be?

A lot! But earning some extra money can make your living easy and worthwhile. Investing is the best way to earn that extra money that you can spend on yourself and your loved ones when your hard earned money falls short to meet day to day expenses. Yet there are so many people who avoid investing, simply for the fear of unknown. Investing is not a rocket science but it does take time and efforts if you are looking for extra long-term stable income. A lot of people lose opportunities to earn good money because they don’t have time to invest. For people who are apprehensive about investing because they don’t have time or knowledge to various markets, Mutual funds can be the most suitable option. Mutual funds can meet with various investing requirements as it includes investing various asset classes. It can be highly personalised depending upon your personal demands.

At PaisaMatters, we provide you personalized advisory services in selecting the right mutual fund schemes that are suitable for your investment needs by identifying your goals and risk appetite.

PaisaMatters has been empanelled with all popular Asset Management Companies (AMC) as well as distributors, more notably, HDFC, ICICI Prudential, LIC Nomura, L&T, SBI, IDFC to name a few. We have more than five years’ experience in advisory services and possess a balanced team of young and experienced professionals to show you the right path to achieving the desired goals from your investments.

At PaisaMatters, we believe in transparency. We disclose all charges to our customers before selling them any mutual funds products. For any queries or to place interest to buy a mutual funds product, contact us for a new beginning.

In other parts of the world, they believe, ‘There is no free lunch!’ In India, we believe ‘Nothing is tax-free.’ And if you happen to be in this incredible country, you might need some help with its incredible tax structure.

We would be happy to help you out. Let us begin with, your current status. You earn a decent amount but your savings are very poor. Chances are you are losing out a lot in paying taxes.

While you cannot really evade your tax liability, you can avoid paying the excess of tax. There are two ways how the tax is levied upon you. These are commonly known as Direct tax and Indirect tax. Both are used by the government for different purposes. As they go by their name, Indirect tax makes you pay more indirectly, whereas, a direct tax is a direct bullet to your financial health. It can make you bleed a lot of money.

Given the fact, how much it hurts to pay excess tax, what increases the pain is, if the economy doesn’t get better your tax liability will increase more as compared to your income and you might never see good savings in your life if you keep on making same mistakes.

At PaisaMatters, we got your back. Our professionals help you plan your taxes so that you can enjoy tax benefits offered by the government under various schemes. We also do other needful related to tax like documentation, representations in the field of direct taxes to represent the assesses before the assessing officer/CIT/CIT Appeals/Income Tax Appellate Tribunal and more. Here is a list of service, we provide under our tax umbrella:

  • Entering the sales, purchases and expense vouchers in the Accounting software
  • Preparing invoices
  • Monthly payments to all statutory requirements applicable to the company, including, but not limited to, service tax, professional tax, provident fund, and TDS
  • Filing of monthly, quarterly, or half yearly returns for all statutory requirements
  • Issuing the Form 16A on a quarterly basis
  • Coordinating with bank, if required
  • Monthly bank reconciliation and petty cash verification
  • Advising the management regarding various commercial laws in practice and various statutory compliances and meeting them on a regular basis
  • Coordinating with the statutory auditor
  • Payment of bonus to staff and coordination for F&F with respect to the departing staff


a. Statutory Audits

Statutory audit comprising of reviewing compliance with accounting policies, provisions of company law, tax laws and other related laws & standards and guidelines as recommended by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in line with international accounting norms. Besides, we analyse and report on the performance of the company to the board of directors through meaningful ratios, cash flows, and other analysis tools.

b. Tax Audits

Auditing the accounts of the organization in accordance with the specified provisions of the Income tax laws of India and providing disclosures of relevant information in specified formats.

c. Internal Audits

These audits serve the management in understanding the shortcomings in their businesses from a commercial standpoint. It guides the management to focus on areas of concern and works towards improving competitive edge and operational efficiency.

d. Audits of Banks

Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Concurrent Audits of branches of Banks.

e. Stock Audits

Audit of stock maintained by the enterprises, it is directed at bringing out errors or frauds in the audited area.

Internal Control Reviews:
Reviews conducted in order to provide assurance to the management on the error free running of the business systems by evaluating existing controls of an organization and suggesting improvements.


  • Providing tax planning advisory services
  • Tax Planning and Taxation Consultancy
  • International Taxation
  • Indian Direct Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Preparation and filing of various statutory returns and documents with the revenue authorities.
  • Support for obtaining Permanent Account Number
  • Support for obtaining Tax deduction account numbers
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Filing of e-Income tax and e-TDS returns


a. Services relating to VAT / Sales Tax

Advising on the applicability and levy of Central and VAT or State Sales tax laws.
Managing to obtain VAT registrations, Sales Tax registrations and its amendments.
Assisting the client in organizing their cumbersome tax affairs, give them alerts for due date’s deadlines and ensure that all statutory requirements are complied with.
Managing the preparation and filing monthly/quarterly/yearly tax returns.
b. Services relating to Service Tax

Advising on the applicability of service tax
Advising on admissibility of CENVAT credit
Assisting in obtaining service tax registrations/input service distributors registration/amendments.
Preparation and deposit of monthly/quarterly service tax dues.
Filing of half-yearly service tax returns.

Law is very complicated, let us make it simpler for you. In a developing country like ours, Law is being altered consistently. Not being up to date with the law can land you up in some big trouble. If you ever land up with a trial, you might as well end up being harassed, misguided and lose your reputation. It takes years to build up trust, seconds to break it and forever to repair. If you even succeed, you can gain back your money and your rights but you will never gain back your time and reputation, that you have lost.

That is why you need a trusted consort, like us. Our team of sincere professionals works towards keeping danger at bay. You will never have to worry about the legal complications, at Paisa Matters, we make your work easy.

Here is our list of specialisation:

Dispute Resolution/Litigation

We at PaisaMatters render advice and undertake associated litigation in a wide area of infrastructure projects, such as power generation, telecommunications, roads, bridges, ports, water supply and sewerage systems. The firm also undertakes resolution of disputes relating to joint venture consortia, project finance agreements and issues regarding project execution, operation, and maintenance, construction, and equipment supply. We represent a variety of clients, including domestic and international corporations, public utility undertakings and high net worth Individuals.

Alternate Dispute Resolution/Arbitration

PaisaMatters is also actively engaged in alternate dispute resolution (ADR) processes such as international and domestic arbitrations. We advise clients on strategies, potential disputes, and mediations and have handled several matters involving complex issues of law in both domestic and international commercial arbitrations. Our Alternate Dispute Resolution-Arbitration Practice Group outlines the major areas of our focus, such as infrastructure and construction, breach of trusts and/contracts, tenders, business and commercial transactions, government contracts, intellectual property disputes, etc., including enforcement of foreign awards in India under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.We have provided arbitration, mediation and other ADR services in all manner of disputes, including intellectual property, tax, securities, antitrust, bad faith insurance, labour and employment, government contracts, construction, business transactions, medical malpractice and various other personal injury and commercial matters.

PaisaMatters has comprehensive experience in complex commercial disputes. As parties have increasingly turned to private dispute resolution through arbitration, we have obtained outstanding results for clients in both domestic and international arbitrations. We also advise on the drafting of arbitration and ADR mechanisms and have been selected to serve as arbitrators in a wide variety of commercial disputes.


We at PaisaMatters advise clients on a range of corporate issues faced by present day corporations and are ably equipped to handle the increasing complexity of the corporate legal aspects of national and international transactions. Servicing the day-to-day legal needs of numerous large, mid-size and small corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, banking and financial institutions, governmental entities and individuals, the representation is varied in scope and complexity. We work with companies at all stages of development, including start-ups, emerging growth companies and established, multinational public companies. Reflecting the diversity of our corporate advisory, the following outlines the major areas of our focus.

Real Estate

Our capabilities span the full range of contemporary real estate issues. Combining perspective, experience, and talents, we work to provide creative solutions that address the unique real estate issues that our clients face. In all transactions, we assemble strategic teams and involve interdisciplinary practices capable of handling multiple properties in multiple jurisdictions. Our Real Estate Practice has extensive experience in all aspects of property development, sales, acquisitions and leases in the commercial, retail, industrial and residential as well as mixed-development markets.

Some of the areas in which we provide counselling include conducting detailed due diligence activities to identify and quantify commercial risks associated with real estate transactions; negotiating and drafting lease documents; conveying, documenting and registering title deeds; converting land use; conducting annual legal audits to ensure statutory compliance; and ensuring compliance with environmental laws.

Intellectual Property:

PaisaMatters does not view intellectual property as mere legal rights, but as business tools that should be developed and maintained through careful legal procedures in order to give their owners the best. PaisaMatters’ Intellectual Property practice includes trademark, copyright, design and geographical indication registration and prosecution (opposition and infringement) for enforcement of intellectual property rights, advice on intellectual property protection strategies as a step to protect market share and continued growth prospects.

Our IP teams understand how to exploit the procedural and tactical possibilities these forums offer in terms, for example, of securing evidence or obtaining fast interim relief or a speedy hearing. This enables us to coordinate litigation and settlement strategies to achieve the right business outcome for our clients. Our litigation experience spans all areas of intellectual property.

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